It is impossible to get to know reality with theories of modern physics, because they was built on the basis of paradoxical, therefore incorrect, postulates and hypothesises. So, according to relativity theory, the kinetic energy of the body moving with velocity close to light velocity, are equal to:




The last formula is brought for the particles are accelerated in accelerators, but it used to consider as true for other possible cases. Errors had been allowed in its conclusion. So, force from which the electric field in the accelerator operates on a particle is equal to:





According to this expression, in process of increasing of particle velocity, the force, which operates on it, is continuously increasing and at approaching of particle velocity to the light velocity, force aim at infinity. However, it contradicts to universally recognized fact of finiteness of extension interaction velocity. According to this, the force, what operates on particle, vise versa have to aim at zero.

In the first parantheses of equation (6) we write mV’ instead of mV, and so we have shown that not a particle mass m is increasing with increasing of its velocity, but the velocity itself is a quantity has been depended on the movement effect. As it was shown in work [1]




Equation (2) is been written in such view, describes the dependence of force, which operates on moving electron in atom, from its velocity. According to the theory relativity, the kinetic energy is [2]:






After integration, we’ll receive the formula (1). This formula can be used for definition of kinetic energy of electrons in atoms, because the error was been allowed in its conclusion. In the formula (3) the efficient V is written without taking the movement effect to into consideration. The right expression for the kinetic energy has such view:






Comparing formulae (1) and (4), we are make sure in incorrectness of conclusions, which were made on the basis of the formula (1). The energy can be converted to the mass, and vise versa.

The definitions, such as the rest energy and the total energy, the rest mass and the relativistic mass are senseless and unreflecting real facts.

It is possible to bring out the right formula for the kinetic energy of the particle moving in accelerator. The more higher the velocity of particle, the less the force with which the electromagnetic field acts to the particle:





Taking into account the effect of movement, we’ll find expression for kinetic energy of a particle in the accelerator:






where x is the length of the way, which had been gone by the accelerated particle. At aspiration of particle velocity to light velocity the kinetic energy of a particle will be aspires to value mc2/2.

In such case, both the formula of kinetic energy for electrons, which are moving in atoms, and formula of kinetic energy for the particles, which are moving in accelerators, are proving, that such definitions as rest energy E0 and full energy E haven’t physics meaning.

In summary we’ll show an example brightly illustrated a piquant situation existing in creation of powerful accelerators of the charged particles. The accelerator in Serpuhov can accelerate protons to velocity of 0,99995 C, and accelerator in Batavia (state Illinois, the USA) can accelerate protons to velocity of 0,999998 C [3]. If to use formulae of theory of relatively, that the serpuhov accelerator gives to the protons the energy equal 76 GeV, and the Batovia accelerator – 500 GeV.  As it was shown above, these formulae are incorrect. According to the formula has been brought out by us for the accelerators (11) protons in serpuhov accelerator will take energy 469,089 MeV, and in Batavia accelerator – 469,134 MeV. In such case, the costs on building and maintenance of Batavia accelerator is incommensurably more, than the Serpuhov accelerator costs, but additional energy, which is received by protons, is only 45keV.


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