Tomorrow is physics without paradoxical theories!

Suhorukov G.I., Suhorukov E.G., Suhorukov R.G.

Bratsk State Technical University

40, Makarenko street, Bratsk, 665709, Russia


It has been proved falseness of theory of relativity and theory of Schrodinger-Heisenberg. It demonstrates that the true structure of surrounding us world can be recognized only by methods of classical physics.

On basis of our investigations performed by us, we definitely had proved that theory of relativity and theory of Schrodinger-Heisenberg on which modern physics is based are incorrect. Both was created on base of incorrect postulates and hypothesizes and so do not adequately reflect real physical world. Keeping the single conception of cognition of surrounding us world, which is based on true Newton presentation about space and time, vivid physical modes of investigated occurances and principle of consistency to common sense, we have developed theory that allows to solve all tasks, which solving today with methods of modern physics. In contrast to our theory, which are performs exact and reliable results of accounts, modern theories are not reflecting true reality, and accounts based on them are distorted.

The followers of modern physics think that new era of science had been begun from birth of theory of relativity. Theory of relativity had made revolution in physics. There were revised all presentations of classical physics about world surrounded us. The real existing medium Ė ether had been banished from the Universe, and empty space had been united with time into common four-dimensional continuum. The real world had become fantastic. So, according to relativistic theory, if the velocity of the body aiming at velocity of light, the energy of the body and its mass will be endless, its size will aiming at null and time flow will pausing. Therefore, the body became into nothing with endless large mass and energy and there is no time for the body. Those paradoxical conclusions are evidence of short life of modern physics era. The true scientific discovers must crow over fantasies.

The appearance of theory of relativity is bounding with unsuccessful attempts to get right interpretations of results of  Fizeau and Michelsonís experiments and phenomenon of star aberration. In our researches we had demonstrated that ether is entraining by moving bodies including the moving Earth atmosphere. Such conclusion had been made on the base of close analyze of four most typical experiments. We had explained the Fizeauís experiment, the Michelsonís experiment, the Sagnacís and the star aberration reasoning from existing of world medium Ė ether, which is carrying by moving bodies. Scientists, that made big investment in creating of theory relativity, had made big mistake. They thought that the Earth atmosphere doesnít move ether, and because they couldnít explain results of Michelsonís experiment. They didnít want to use their brainpower to explaining the occurrence of star aberration and Fizeauís experiment in the view of carrying ether. They preferred world of fantasies, where arenít place to the judgment. If they explained the Michelsonís experiment in the view of carrying ether, there were not causes for creating the theory, which reduced the development of physics for whole age.

Lets look at example to demonstrate incorrectness of theory of relativity. The relativistic formula of kinetic energy is

Ek=,                                    (1)


where m Ė body mass, V Ė its velocity, c Ė velocity of light. This formula is brought for particles are accelerated in accelerators, but it used to consider as a true for other possible cases. Errors had been allowed in this conclusion. So, force from which the electric field in the accelerator operates on a particle had been taken equal to:


F=                          (2)


where t Ė time. According this expression, in process of increasing of particle velocity, the force, which operates on it, is continuously increasing and at approaching of particle velocity to the light velocity, the force aim infinity. However, it contradicts to universally recognized fact of finiteness of extension interaction velocity. According to this, the force, what operates on particle, vise versa have to aim at zero. From it follows that equations (1) and (2) is incorrect. It is impossible use them at calculation of accelerators.

The equation (2) correctly describes dependence of the force, which operates with electron in atom, from particle velocity. And at the same time it is necessary to have in view that not an electron mass increasing with increasing its velocity, but velocity itself is a value dependent on effect of movement. As it was shown in work [1]



Taking this into consideration the energy in atom will be [1]


Ek =                                   (3)


Comparing formulae (1) and (3), we make sure in incorrectness of conclusions, which were made on the basis of the formula (1). The energy canít be converted to the mass and vise versa. The definitions, such as the rest energy and total energy, the rest mass and the relativistic mass are senseless and unreflecting real facts.

It is possible to bring out the right formula for the kinetic of the particle moving in accelerator. The more higher the velocity of particle, the less the force with the electromagnetic field acts to the particle and is equal to:


F= =.


Taking into account the effect of moving, we will find expression for kinetic energy of a particle in the accelerator:


Ek=,                  (4)


Where x is the length of the way, which had been gone by the accelerated particle. As aspiration of particle velocity to light velocity the kinetic energy of a particle will be aspires to value mC2/2, not to infinity, as it going from formula (1).

A piquant situation exists in creation of powerful accelerators of charged particles. The cost of such accelerators is so big, but effect of increasing particle energy is so small, therefore no any reasonable expediency of building them. The accelerator in Serpuhov can accelerate protons to velocity of 0,999995 C, and accelerator in Batavia (state Illinois, the USA) can accelerate protons to velocity of 0,999998C[2]. If to use formulae of theory of relativity, the Serpuhov accelerator gives to protons energy equal 76 GeV, and the Batavia accelerator Ė  500 GeV. According our formula (4) protons in Serpuhov accelerator take energy 469,089 MeV, and in Batavia accelerator Ė 469,134 MeV. In such case, the costs on building and malignance of Batavia accelerator is incommensurably more, than the Serpuhov accelerator costs, but additional energy, which is received by protons, is only 45 keV.

Dreadful ideas of theory of relativity had stimulated appearance of new ideas like them. So, in 1923 Krompton had proving that X-rays consists of particles Ė corpuscles, and De Broglie had made guess that material particles, as radiation, has dual character. So, the corpuscular-wave dualism had been formulated and it had eliminated definitions between particles and waves. But it is absurdity. Particle and wave are conflicting conceptions. Particle identification as wave Ė is one more step away from reality. In real world light is radiating by atoms as photons, which are spiral waves traveling in ether medium with a light velocity. Under its movement a photon progressively energizes new and new medium volumes, but does not carry medium. A particle, unlike a wave, on its movement carries all substance, which is contained in its size. The particle canít become a wave in any case.

According quantum physics, the energy of photon is equal to:


E=mphС2,                                          (5)


where mph is photon mass. The electron energy on any circular orbit in atom evaluates by formula[1]:


E=,                                         (6)


where m is electron mass, Ví is its velocity with movement effect, 1+m/M, M is nucleus mass. For removing electron from atom, photon is needed a mass

mph = .


The last formula allows us to make conclusion, that, according quantum physics, photon mass depends on electron velocity in atom. The E=mphc2 formula for photons is wrong. Really photon energy is evaluated by formula [1]


E=,                                      (7)


where Mph is photon mass, under that conditionally understands ether mass of small volume, which is perturbated by quantum of energy, which has radiated by atom;  Vmax is the amplitude velocity of energized ether. Comparing equations (6) and (7) taking into account that amplitude velocity is equal to velocity of electron in atom, we get:


So, photon mass is equal to electron mass independently its energy.

The quantum mechanics is the base of modern atomic physics. Bor had discovered quantum behaviour of atom structure. Bohr and Sommerfield had proved Rutherford planetary atom model, but Schrodinger and Geienberg are reputing as creators of real theory of atoms. Nowadays atoms are describing by very complex wave equation. This equation Schrodinger had formulated in 1926. The de Broil hypothesis, which identifying electron as wave, is its basis. It is absurd hypothesis, so Schrodinger equation canít adequately describe real processes, which are going in atoms.

One of main aspects of quantum physics is principle of indetermining. This principle have to considered as wrong, unscientific. From one side, it establish bound of knowledge in microworld, from other it excuse our lack of knowledge of true microworld structure. According to principle of indetermining, it is impossible to apply notion of electron path in atom, because itís impossible specify coordinates and electron velocity in atom at the same time. The electron, which is in base steady state in hydrogen atom, can appear in any point of sphere with r = 5.29ē10-11 m, i.e. it subordinate to Coulomb's law. We can account with a great accuracy all parameters of any orbit of electron in hydrogen atom in any time point, can define with the same accuracy the electron coordinates and its velocity in the same time, as it may be looked in our work [1]. Our computations proving wrongness of Heisenberg principle of indetermining.

The principle of indetermining is playing a large role in atomic physics and high-energy physics. Electrons energy levels and expectancy of being them in different points of atom in fixed instant of time can be calculated with Schrodinger equation, but principle of indetermining is confirming inexactitude of those calculations. Of course, those calculations give incorrect notion of atom structure. Largest deviates from reality are observing in high-energy physics. The theory of relativity and the principle of indetermining substantiate the theory of elementary particles and fact of their existing. Energies and masses of particles are determining by formulae of theory of relativity, and principle of indetermining substantiate possibility of existing of virtual and real particles. If weíll take into consideration, that theory of relativity and principle of indetermining are erroneous, then the reality of existence of the majority of elementary particles is put under doubt. In work [1], we prove, that regarding the universe accessible to our supervision, really there are two types of elementary particles - electrons and protons. We develop a design procedure of orbits parameters of complex atoms on known values ionization potentials, which can be calculated theoretically by next way. By formula




We can find orbital velocities of electrons without movement effect, and by formula (3) Ė values of ionization potentials with movement effect. In formula (8) Vn-1, Vn and Vn+1 are orbital velocities of the three nearest ions. Those ions have equal number of electrons. Vn is orbital velocity of electron on Bohr orbit in hydrogen atom. Calculated values of ionization potentials for first 36 elements of Mendeleev Table are demonstrating in work [1]. In such case, any atom can be theoretically calculated.

In 1911 Rutherford had discovered atomic nucleus. This year is birth year of atomic physics. In the beginning scientists have developed electron-proton model of nucleus, but after discovering a neutron the proton-neutron model was accepted. According to last model electrons in nucleus are not present, and the neutron is an elementary particle. Electron radiation by radioactive nucleus is identified with radiation of light quantums. Similarly to quantum of light electron is born during nuclear transformations. Development of physics of elementary particles went in close connection with problems of nuclear physics. Physics, drawn a correct conclusion about a proton-neutron structure of nucleus, simultaneously have committed the big mistake, having accepted a neutron for an elementary particle. From this moment the theory of elementary particles began to develop in a false direction. To explain interaction between nucleons in nucleus, it was necessary to enter specific quantum-mechanical concept - exchange forces and to begin searches of the new elementary particles, which are meeting the requirements of the theory of exchange forces.

The important characteristic of a nuclear nucleus is its mass. According to the theory of relativity the mass of a particle is a variable. It depends on any form of energy, including potential. Exact measurements of nucleusesí mass of show, that their mass always is less than sum of masses of protons and the neutrons, which are included in their structure. Difference between nucleus mass and sum of nucleon, which form nucleus, is called mass defect, and value is called binding energy. Ionsí masses are measuring with mass spectrometer. Masses of atoms are resulted in look-up tables. Those masses are turned by addition of measured ionsí masses and electronsí masses.

The reason of occurrence of mass defect is the erroneous assumption, that charges of ions are equal or multiple to an elementary charge. Only hydrogen ion has multiple charge Ė other ions havenít it. Extracting from atom electron could shield a single nuclear charge only in case its charge will be evenly allocated around of a nucleus on a spherical surface. The electron canít fully isolate single nucleus charge, because it goes on orbit and its charge is concentrated practically in a point. On account of particles masses are constants, it is possible to define effective charging numbers, not masses of atoms and molecules with help of mass spectrometer.

Atom consist of positive nucleus and electrons revolving near its. Neutron has a structure like atom. Unlike hydrogen atom, the neutronís electron has fewer orbits and more velocity. So, we could say that nucleus consists of protons and electrons. Electrons are accomplishing complex movement and keeping protons in nucleus. Protons can do only oscillating movements. The quantity of protons in nucleus is equal to mass quantity. The quantity of protons in nucleus is more than quantity of electrons. Its excess is equal to quantity electrons, which are moving on atomic orbits, and corresponding to electron number. As protons and electron masses are constants and quantity of electrons in atom is equal to quantity of protons, so masses of all atoms are multiple to hydrogen atom mass. As a result of this, it is advissable to get 1,673534038kg for an atomic unit mass. Then proton mass is a.u.m., neutron mass a.u.m. and electron mass a.u.m.

The world around us has astonishing variety. This variety was build withs the help of only two types of elementary particles Ė electron and proton. And ether filling the undounded space of the Universe consist of electrons and protons. We have developed the electron-proton model of world, which explains all its properties that seems conflicting. The majority of scientists are put down to very little density on creating ether theory. So, they tried to explain why ether does not react the moving whis constant rapidity substances. But our investigation show that ether has very high density compared with density of liquids and solids and exceed the gas density in hundreds times more. Parodoxically, the ethet gas a high density an extremely rarefy substance. You can make sure by making simple calculations. According our model, ether structure is like the Universe structure. As in the Universe (macrocosm), so in the ether (microcosm) distances between bodies are more than their sizes in dozen millions times. In the ether the probability of collision electrons with protons is so small like the probability of collision of sky bodies.

The described ether model assumes an existing more thinner medium, that transferring electric and gravitational interactions. Lets call this medium sub-ether. The light and X-rays canít travel in this medium. So as acoustic waves can travel in solid, liquid and gas, but canít travel in sub-ether. Sub-ether is a medium, through that force interaction is transferring from charged substances to other with the light velocity and in that radiations can travel with wave-length less than .



1.  Сухоруков Г.И., Сухоруков В. И., Сухоруков Э.Г., Сухоруков Р.Г. Реальный физический мир без парадоксов. - Издательство Братского Государственного технического университета, 2001г.

2.   Мэрион Дж.Б. Физика и физический мир. -М.: Наука, 1975г.


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